Live Seminars

If you’re looking for clarity and understanding, nothing beats an in person experience! Attend one of Cindy Hide’s live seminars to learn more about the subjects that intrigue you the most.

Seminar for What’s Up With A Prenup: How to Protect Your Assets and Live Happy Ever After.

What’s up with A prenup?

Concerned about protecting your assets…just in case? Feel secure by understanding the essential elements of a prenup.

Seminar for Do I Stay or Do I Leave: A Guide to Mastering New Points of View in Your Relationship.

Do i stay, or do i leave?

Are you struggling to feel happy in your current relationship? This program is a must for anyone who’s seeking clarity and peace.

Seminar for What’s Up With A No-Nup: Personal and Financial Risks and Rewards of Cohabitation.

What’s up with A No-nup?

Are you currently living with your significant other? Learn the personal and financial risks and rewards of cohabitation.

Seminar For How to Keep Your Relationship Alive: Must Know Tips to Keep a Happy, Healthy, Thriving Relationship.

How to keep your relationship alive

Concerned the flame is slowly burning out? Find the resources and passion to reignite!