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What’s Up With a Prenup?


“Loving, clear, structured. The most helpful part was how to bring up the prenup topic with a partner.”– Houston, TX

“Illuminating!” – Houston, TX

What’s Up With a No-Nup?


“Loving, empowering, informative. The most helpful parts included how your personal business can/cannot be affected, inheritances, and issues about potential reimbursements expected at relationship termination.” – M.B., Houston, TX

“You introduced a concept that very few have knowledge about.” – Houston, TX

“The areas I liked best were the advantages and disadvantages of having a cohabitation agreement, financial reasons, and specific expectations.” – Houston, TX

“I liked the components of the agreement and the common things that can be included.” – V.S., Houston, TX

“Most beneficial was what goes in one.” – A.R., Houston, TX

Do I Stay or Do I Leave?


“I continue to find your book a priceless asset to one’s journey contemplating divorce.” – A.F., Psychotherapist, OH

7 Powerful, Proven Tips for Couples


“You bring peace of mind to matters of the heart.” – M. B., Houston, TX

“I love that you approach planning for happiness!” – Houston, TX

“We’re learning to be authentic in our relationship. The part about cultural relations was helpful.” – C.B., Houston, TX

“You are knowledgeable and objective.” – C.B., Houston, TX