Cindy Hide is a family law attorney in Houston, Texas and founder of Love, Money & the Law, her passion project that supports conscious dialogue about relationships and family law. Her publications, videos, webinars, seminars, and podcasts offer insights into the family law system and raise issues for contemplation in the quest for creating a happy, fulfilling life. At the heart of all her efforts is the belief that a successful partnership requires savvy communication techniques and joint long term goals, the keys to maintaining and nurturing a healthy “happy ever after.”

Prior to practicing family law, Cindy’s professional focus included commercial real estate brokerage and real estate law. Shortly thereafter, she married, had two children and helped grow an international business with her husband. Next came a stint in local, state and national politics in Ohio where she learned to appreciate the value of mediation and negotiation. Then came an emotionally and financially devastating divorce process, the catalyst for writing and holding multidisciplinary conferences for women about divorce. Upon returning home to Houston, Texas to start her family law practice, she enhanced her perspective about the legal issues inherent in the broad spectrum of family law. Shortly thereafter, Love, Money & the Law was officially born.

Her products are based on her personal and professional life experience and cross a wide range of subjects ranging from prenuptial agreements to divorce to living together versus getting married. In every case she encourages understanding and inspires you to create the life you want. Anyone in relationship transition can benefit from Cindy’s educational initiatives, including service providers such as attorneys, family therapists and clergy. Some of her author credits also include the tough topics of domestic violence and child sexual abuse. These subjects have been directed only to the professional community as part of continuing legal education in Texas and Ohio.

Cindy’s programs include "Do I Stay or Do I Leave?: A Guide to Mastering New Points of View in Your Relationship,” “How to Pick a Divorce Lawyer: Tips for Making the Most Relevant Decision of Your Case” What’s Up with a Prenup?: How to Protect Your Assets AND Live Happy Every After,” “What’s Up with a No-Nup?: Personal and Financial Risks and Rewards of Cohabitation,” and many more…

Whether you’re thinking about getting married or divorced, leaving your relationship or starting a new romance, Love, Money & the Law has something for you!


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Credit: Ashton Joe

Credit: Ashton Joe

Credit: Ashton Joe


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Women in the fast lane 2017 Role Model

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