Family law attorney, and founder of Love, Money & the Law, Cindy Hide, in the lobby of her family law practice in Houston, Texas.

Hi there, I’m Cindy.

Educator, Author, Speaker, Consultant, Lawyer, and most importantly, Mom. With each hat I wear, my purpose is the same: to encourage, educate, provide clarity, and promote peace.

I pour my heart into Love, Money & the Law because my passion lies within these subjects. My hope is to share wisdom and challenge the way you think.

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Why Love, Money & the Law?

If you’re getting married, or divorced, thinking about leaving your relationship, or starting a new one, Love, Money & the Law is the perfect resource for you. We believe understanding is everything! It enhances intimacy and settles conflicts.

When going through these life-altering seasons, it’s important to find clarity in the decisions that lie ahead. Our resources provide practical insight and tips on family law issues, and relationship transitions, to help you make decisions with ease. Get clear. Feel calm, confident, secure, and ready for your next new beginning, whatever it may be.


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