Family law attorney, and founder of Love, Money & the Law, Cindy Hide, taking her dog, star, for a walk around the block outside of her family law practice in Houston, Texas.

hi! I’m cindy, and this is Star.

I’m a family law attorney, writer, producer, seminar leader, and entrepreneur on a mission to support you in creating a happy relationship that will last a lifetime. I believe that understanding is everything for a successful marriage or partnership. Sometimes that takes a little homework.

Raised in Texas, migrated to Ohio and back, I’m proud to have survived and thrived through some of life’s most challenging curveballs. My personal journey through marriage, divorce, heartbreaks, and retakes has taught me how to stay in the sweet spot of the spirit where strength resides. Sprinkle that with a little true grit over lace, and you’ll follow the path to how Love, Money & the Law has been created.

Family law attorney, and founder of Love, Money & the Law, Cindy Hide, at her desk inside her family law practice in Houston, Texas.

Love, Money & The Law: 18+ years in the making.

My intention for my passion project Love, Money & the Law is to be of service by providing insights into relationship and family law issues that you didn’t even know were issues. And with your new knowledge, new points of view.

I’m also here to consider with you what makes a loving, secure family and what doesn’t. There’s more than one way to do it. I hope you’ll peek into the options the world provides and see the Light in everyone, first, and our differences, last.

So how do we do this together?

For the last eighteen or so, I’ve been collecting material and writing content for today. I’ve created videos for those who like to chill, podcasts for portability, webinars to ponder, e-books for a budget, and live seminars to connect. There’s a way for everyone to join the conversations.

Whether you’re starting life with a beloved or healing from divorce, I hope you’ll find inspiration in the pages that I write and the dialogue that you’ll hear. That’s why this site begins with the word “Love.”